Websites That Will Help Your Child Learn Irish

EasyIrish Podcast

Children at the primary school age are at the premium stage in their life to learn a second language. For this reason alone it is highly imperative that you introduce your children to their second language at a very early age. A lot of children have difficulty learning Irish, so why not aid your child by introducing them to websites that will make learning Irish that much easier.
IsFeidirLiom Lesson This website focuses on teaching children Irish in a very easy and fun filled method. It houses an array of free podcasts which cover a wide base of subjects which include numbers, days of the week and common likes/dislikes plus much more. It is sure to have your child grasping the basics of the Irish language fairly quickly. As a bonus the site offers fun games for your child to play as well. Not to mention it has a list of external resources for more Irish language education such as, Irish radio and television stations as well as Irish dictionaries.
- Is Feider Liom
Cula4 App Is a free website for children and adults alike who are interested in learning Irish. It offers fairly simple online courses which teach you a basic foundation of the Irish language. This site is highly ideal for first time Irish language learners. The best part is that you as well as your child are able to learn a new language together and this way you will be able to offer aid to your child as they learn a new language for the first time.
- Cula Caint
Is a Irish language learning website that is apart of the TG4 website base. The TG4 website base offers a fun and educational children section known as Cula 4. Cula 4 includes games, cartoon, and competitions in both Irish and English. They have developed numerous learning applications to help kids better understand and learn the Irish language through pictures, songs, storytelling, and puzzles. A plus is that they offer plenty of free applications for young first time Irish learners on a very easy to understand format.